Producer Relations

Relação com os produtores

Cattle Breeder

Brazil´s cattle-raising industry has grown significantly in the last 40 years, and is now the world´s largest commercial herd. It is, however, in the next few years that the challenges of growing the herd with environmental accountability and using technology promise to revolutionize the industry.

As an exporting country, Brazil´s challenge today is to develop its production with quality, rapid response, productivity and traceability.

Frialto is well aware of its responsibility to be a leading player in this transformation through partnerships with its breeders. The breeders, after all, are the foundation of our investments in the industry.


In order to ensure quality based on the origin of our products, Frialto is active also in the finishing of cattle and uses the feedlot system. To do this we have a broad production structure and qualified professionals in line with the company´s standards of excellence.

The feedlot has functional practical facilities which eases the handling and feeding of the animals and cleaning of the troughs. Frialto has a specific site where feed is prepared and preserved and stored, and a deposit for machinery. Healthy, well-developed animals are kept on the feedlot, with the potential for weight gain.

The Group is currently able to finish 50,000 animals annually.

Relação com os produtores